Eduard ToldrÓ (1895-1962)

foto toldrÓIn the field of music, Eduard ToldrÓ developed a triple activity as violinist, composer and orchestra conductor. As a violinist, his career had to be relegated from 1943, the year in which he started to devote himself to the foundation and conduction of the Municipal Orchestra of Barcelona (today’s OBC), with which he gave an average of 35 to 40 annual concerts until the year previous to his death. Most works by ToldrÓ are previous to his period as conductor. His music may be situated in the sphere of Noucentisme (Catalan cultural movement from the beginning of the twentieth century). In it we find lyricism, naturalness and brightness. Quite a lot of works by him came from contact with literature. This piece is a glossa of popular dances of the hometown of the composer (Vilanova i la Geltr˙).

  • String Orchestra & Soloist

  • Les danses de Vilanova (strings and piano)  4'05"

    score  (pdf score) altaveu (mp3 music)