Felip Pedrell (1841-1922)

foto pedrellComposer and musicologist. A scholarship for study in Rome exposed him to the great past of Spanish music preserved in archives there, and he set about reviving the tradition by bringing to light both folk and older art music and by promoting a national style of composition. He believed that a nation should base its music on its folk-song. His own works include operas and orchestral and choral works. He is regarded as the father of Spanish musical nationalism.

  • String Orchestra

  • Gallarda  c. 8'
    score  (pdf score) 

    Courante  c. 7'
    score  (pdf score) 

  • Chamber Ensemble

  • Cant del matÝ (Vl, Vc, Harmonium, Pno) (c. 6')
    score  (pdf score) altaveu (computer version)