The foundations of harmonic tensions
(The fundamentals of harmonic tensions)

Provisional translation to english of the book

Los fundamentos de las tensiones armónicas

by Llorenç Balsach

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Index (detailed)
1. Theoretical framework
2. The harmonics of a sound as the basis of musical perception
3. Functional study of chords
4. Secondary relaxions and other successions of fundamentals
5. Tonality
6. Examples of harmonic progressions with homotonic relaxions
7. Examples of homotonic and tonal analyses

Annex 1
8. Morphogenesis of chords and scales
Chord/Scale class Tables (Tables 4-5)
Annex 2
9. Modes of the first eight 7-note scale classes
Annex 3
10. Cyclical chord/scale classes
Annex 4
11. Symmetrical modes and chords

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