Llorenš Balsach (1953)

foto balsach Llorenš Balsach i Peig was born in Sabadell (Barcelona) and studied music with Josep Poch, Carles Guinovart and Josep Soler in Barcelona. He has received commissions from Radio Baden-Baden Orchestra, VallŔs Symphonic Orchestra, Catalonian Composers'Association, Spanish Ministry of Culture, National Radio of Spain and the Councils of Barcelona and Sabadell among others. He writes instrumental and vocal music in which the component of a kind of reptile melodies play a significative role under a certain ironic harmony. He has investigated the inner relations between harmonic successions and tension-relax impressions, reflected in his books: 'Harmonic Convergence' (1994), 'The foundations of harmonic tension' (2016) and in a article in JNMR (Journal of New Music Research). 

  • Orchestra

  • Visions grotesques (––Perc,Str.) (c. 20')

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    Gran Copa Especial (2.2.Eh.2.Bc.2.Cb––Hp,Pno,4 Perc,Str.) (c. 10')

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  • String Orchestra

  • Breu desConcert (Strings -violas optional-)(c.4')
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  • Soloist & String Orchestra

  • Quatre dibuixos per a guitarra i cordes (Guitar & Strings)(c.10')

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  • Chamber Ensemble

  • Rondˇ (Fl,Cl,Bn,Hn,Tp,Tbn,Vl,Vla,Vc,Cb)(12')

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    M˙sica-MÓgica (Fl,Cl,Vn,Vc,Pno,1Perc)(with an optional magician)(9'46)

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