Enric Morera (1865-1942)

foto moreraMorera was born in Barcelona in 1865. He studied with I.Albeniz and F.Pedrell and later with F.FiŔvez in Brussels. In 1983 he went back to Barcelona, where he gained a reputation as a temperamental and craftsmanlike composer. He is the main musical representative of the Modernism movement in Catalonia. A man of strong convictions, Enric Morera was a composer with sound technical knowledge, a Romantic temperament and an emphatic style of composition. The works we present in this collection display the fundamental characteristics of Morera's style, strongly rooted in the post-Wagnerian school, the typical misty languors of this tradition coexisting with and occasionally ceding pride of place to a more southerly idiom with popular overtones.

  • Orchestra

  • AtlÓntida, poema simf˛nic (Pic.2.2.EH.2.BCl.2/ c. '  (in rev.)
    score  (pdf score-manuscript beginning) 

    Bandarres i mariners (Pic.2.2.EH.3.BCl.2.CBn/ c. (in rev.)
    score  (pdf score-manuscript pag.1) 

    IdilĚli (Tra´doria), poema simf˛nic  ( c. ' (in rev.)
    score  (pdf score-manuscript beginning) 

    Escena popular, oda simf˛nica  ( c. ' (in rev.)
    score  (pdf score-manuscript beginning) 

  • Orchestra (with oboe soloist)

  • Records campestres (2.1.oboe soloist.2.2/ (c. 4'30'')
    (computer version)
    score  (pdf score) altaveu (computer version)

  • String Orchestra

  • Melangia (8' 18")

    score  (pdf score) altaveu (mp3 music)

    Quartet en si (c. 25')
    (1st. movement)
    score  (pdf score) altaveu (mp3 music)

    Queixa i Dansa (c.10')
    score  (pdf score) altaveu (mp3 music)

    Andante Religiˇs (c.6')
    score  (pdf score)